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Skin Analysis Machine Price:¥ Place of origin:China

Moji Plus version is the newest skin analysis technology, it can supply you whole process from testing skin problems to giving specific solutions, automatically generate test report with difference languages,convenient your read, besides, you can input your treatment methods and your produts in background. Moji Plus skin analysis machine is your smart assistant.

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1.Technology: MOJI Plus Skin Analysis Machine

2.Advantages:36 million HD pixel, 8 spectral imaging technology,Cloud computing storage

3D simulation technology,AI automatic face recognition technology.

3.Functions: Test main 8 kinds of skin problems and give treatment solutions


1.System's Requirment

--Windows 10 system

2.Recommended hardware requirment

--CPU:Over the Pentium(IV)

--RAM:Over the 4GB

--VGA:True color(32bit),Over the 32 MB VGA memory

--HDD:Over the 10GB

--USB:2.0 --Monitor:Resolution 1366*768

3.VGA Compatibility

--3D fx Voodoo classes

--ATI Rage II,Rage Pro,Radeonclasses


--NvidiaRiva 128,Riva TNT,Geforceclasses

--Intel 1740 --S3 VigeGX/GX2,Trio 3D,Savage 3D classes

4.36million HD Pixels

5.8 spectrum imaging technology

Packing: Aluminium box with foam inside

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